Bookkeeping, Accounting and Payroll Services for Small Businesses and Individuals


On monthly, quarterly or yearly basis our accountants will prepare the following accounting documents:Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement,Cash Flow Statement, General Ledger, Bank and Credit Card accounts reconciliation reports.


List of our accounting and bookkeeping services:


  • Monthly and annual bookkeeping
  • Bank and Credit cards accounts reconciliation
  • Payroll Services
  • Preparation of 1099s and 1096 for contractors
  • Sales Tax reporting, Property Tax reporting Form 5471L
  • Data Entry, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statements, Cash Flow
  • Fixed Assets update, fixed assets depreciation schedule
  • Books clean up
  • Preparation of accounting records for your CPA


Balance Sheet-a financial statement that summarizes a company's assets, liabilities and shareholders' equity at a specific point in time. These three balance sheet parts give investors an idea as to what the company owns and owes, as well as the amount invested by the shareholders.

  Profit and Loss Statement or Income Statement-a financial statement that measures a company's financial performance over a specific accounting period. It shows the net profit or loss incurred over a specific accounting period, usually over a fiscal quarter or year.

 Cash Flow Statement-a financial statement that shows the difference in amount of cash available at the beginning of a period and the amount at the end of that period.

 General Ledger-an accounting report that summarize all of company's financial transactions.

 Account Reconciliation Report-an accounting report that shows that the balance in the company's check (credit card) book matches the corresponding bank (credit card) statement.


Payroll Accounting for Small Businesses and Individuals


Due Dates:

 January 01/31/2017 - Forms W2s and 1099s, Forms W3 (&W2s), 1096 (&1099s)

 Payroll Accounting Services

  • Weekly/biweekly/monthly payroll check run
  • PDF version of payroll checks, actual printed payroll checks or direct deposits
  • Check register and payroll register journal
  • Cash requirement reports
  • Federal and State payroll tax calculations
  • Payroll tax payment vouchers
  • Prepare and submit Quarterly and Yearly Federal and State payroll tax forms
  • 2015-Preparation of W3, W2s forms, 941, 940, DE9, DE9C and other state payroll tax forms
  • New hire report for state purposes
  • New hire package preparation


           Employer portion of Federal payroll taxes:
  • Social Security 6.2% (on the first $118,500.00 per employee for 2016)
  • Medicare 1.45%
  • Futa tax 0.8% for wages paid on the first $7,000.00 per employee)

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